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The Canadian Network for Human Health and the Environment (CNHHE)


The Network is concerned with broad human health-related environmental issues relating to air, water, soil, food, climate change, and consumer products. Membership is free and open to non-governmental, research, and healthcare professionals, government policy-makers and individuals who are interested in the connections between human health and environmental exposures.


The primary focus of the  Canadian Network for Human Health is to engage members in the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), run jointly by Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Inform members about substances being assessed by the CMP via e-mail, the website, and social media. 
  • Engage members in the CMP’s public comment periods about draft screening assessment and proposed risk management documents. 
  • Select delegates to attend CMP stakeholder consultations. 
  • Educate the broader public about environmental health issues. 

Together, we can achieve wellness for all

We have a vision of a healthy, resilient Canada where human health and the environment are thriving. Our services and programming rely on donations from people like you. You can help champion environmental health by donating today, becoming a monthly donor, or leaving a legacy gift in your will.

The Foundation for Resilient Health is a project of the New Brunswick Lung Association, a registered charity with over 100 years of trusted health services in our community.

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Engagement in the public comment periods is sometimes achieved through free online webinars about a particular substance. Participants learn about the substance from those with expert knowledge. Comments and questions on draft documents about the substance are then summarized and sent to the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP).

Experts on various chemicals are also solicited to provide comments for which we can pay an honorarium. 

Latest from the CMP

Lotus Corniculatus

The final screening assessment for Lotus corniculatus, the extract has been published. It is concluded that the substance does not meet any of the criteria set out in section 64 of CEPA. The Final Screening Assessment is HERE & The Canada Gazette Notice is HERE

Comments or information submitted with respect to the above publication must cite the Canada Gazette, Part I, along with the date of publication of the notice, and can be provided to the Minister of the Environment until October 13, 2021. If you wish to provide comments on any of the above chemicals, please email our NEW CMP Coordinator at to discuss the potential for an honorarium for your time. 


An order amending the Domestic Substances List to apply the Significant New Activity (SNAc) provisions of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 to Mitotane was published. Available here.

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Circular Living and Circular Economies: Towards a Zero-Waste, Low-Carbon Economy

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