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Contacting Members of Parliament

We encourage every Canadian to get involved in the policies that affect us all. Our Members of Parliament (MPs) are responsible for making decisions that reflect the needs of people living in their ridings. Voice your opinion on a bill coming up for vote, or simply discuss what is important to you.

Don’t know how to reach your MP? Use your postal code to search current members of parliament to find their name, phone number, local constituency office address, and email address. It is easy to share your values with the people making decisions on Parliament Hill.

  • Pick up the phone. Perhaps one of the simplest and well received ways to engage your MP.
  • Write a letter. Deliver it to your MP’s local constituency office or mail it to them in Ottawa. Letters to MPs in the House of Commons do not require a stamp! Address your letter to:

[Name of Member of Parliament]
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Toxic Caucus 

Seeking action on chemicals management  

The Toxics Caucus brings together RCEN Members to build partnerships between those seeking action on chemicals management and the need to halt the pollution of Canada’s ecosystems and the associated risks to human health. Caucuses provide a mechanism for member groups to communicate with each other on specific issues; to prepare joint briefs, submissions and strategies; to establish consultative relationships with other bodies; and to ensure that the voices of smaller groups are heard along with those of the larger national and provincial groups.


The Toxics Caucus has a mandate to link local and global activities, public and private sectors, and nonprofit actors in their work. In accordance with the Caucus’s mandate and Memorandum of Understanding with the New Brunswick Lung Association and Health Canada, the goal is to support Canadian Civil Society Organizations and disproportionately impacted populations to engage in the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) and environmental health initiatives.

Get Involved

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What Can I do?

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