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Resilient Recovery Advocacy Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed that many systems in Canada are fragile and vulnerable. Our health and social systems, our economy, and our environment are all struggling to support Canadians. This vulnerability is the result of many decades where economic growth has been more important than health, wellbeing, and environmental balance. 

 A Resilient Recovery from this crisis requires foundational changes so that the inequities that are the root cause of poor health can be rebalanced to create resilient Canadians. The time is now to invest in a triple bottom line economy (social, environmental, and financial). The time is now to change policies to protect us all by considering the most vulnerable Canadians. The time is now to improve the foundations for resilient health. 

We’re calling on the Canadian Government to make foundational changes to support wellbeing in four categories:

  • An equitable and just economy that supports clean environments and healthy people
  • A clean environment free of toxic chemicals and waste materials
  • A richly biodiverse world 
  • Urgent action on climate change, which is posing a threat to the existence of many species on earth;

Our Policy Paper

Our asks to the Federal Government advocating and supporting changes in Canadian laws, regulations, and policies that will improve the foundations of resilient health are detailed in our policy paper.

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