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About Clean Air Day 2023

Clean Air Day is a movement in order to help mobilize and enable people and organizations to act on air pollution and ensure their voice is heard

Tackling persistent challenges to improve air quality can result in climate change co-benefits, improve human health for our communities and advance environmental justice, through even stronger collaboration. To make sure we have clean air to breathe now and into the future, we need to make rapid changes in the way we all impact the air we breathe.

Air pollution causes heart and lung disease and results in over 15,300 people in Canada dying each year. Clean air is essential for our health, and the co-benefits of clean air measures are also good for our well-being as well as being good for the planet.


JUNE 7th 2023


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Ways to get Involved 

The Walking School Bus

The Canadian Cancer Society has put together some amazing resources that outline what a WALKING SCHOOL BUS is….. Like a motorized bus, there is a planned route with scheduled stops. The Walking School Bus has many benefits for children and families including better health, and helping to keep the air they breath a bit cleaner for EVERYONE

Free Public Transit 

Public transit is already the greener choice for your community. Offering free fares on Clean Air Day helps everyone tell that story to a wider audience, and get people on board, literally and symbolically to help protect the air we breathe. 

The Science of Air Quality 

These resources have been created to help teach about the science of Air Quality. Along with the sources of pollution, and how we measure its impact, and steps everyone can do to reduce their impact on the air we breathe.