Clean Air Day for Individuals 

Why Celebrate Clean Air Day

Every year on the first Wednesday of June, Clean Air Day activities will be taking place in communities across the country to recognize everyone’s efforts in promoting clean air! 

Everyone is encouraged to participate — individuals, families, community groups, organizations, schools and workplaces — to demonstrate their commitment to improve the air we all share. Even events held outside of the specific timeframe can still be connected to Clean Air Day. We should all be working towards protecting the air we breathe all year round! 

When is Clean Air Day? 

June 5th 2024

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How are you celebrating Clean Air Day? 

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Why Should You Take Part in Clean Air Day

  • Feel Connected to your peers, workplace, school, community, or group
  • Clean Air is Critical for a Healthy Life
  • Create some Healthy Habits 
  • Air Pollution is not the same Everywhere
  • Air Pollution affects Human Health at all Stages of Life

Clean Air Day Tool Kit 


Every year on the FIRST Wednesday in June in Canada, we Celebrate CLEAN AIR DAY with activities taking place in communities across the country to recognize everyone’s efforts in promoting and protecting the air we breathe.

Everyone is encouraged to participate — individuals, families, community groups, organizations, schools, workplaces, cities, and towns — to demonstrate their commitment to #cleanaireverywhere.

We can help you plan your Clean Air Day Event with our Clean Air Day Toolkit, it is there to help you navigate planning a Clean Air Day event and some tips to get the word out. 

Events held before Clean Air Day, are still connected to Clean Air Day because protecting the air we breathe happens all year round!

What to do on Clean Air Day 

Clean Air Day Planning Toolkit  

Clean Air Day  will be taking place on the  First Wednesday of June, this year it will be June 7th, 2023 

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Ideas for Your Activity or Event 

If you are interested in planning something for Clean Air Day but need some help on where to start, we have you covered.  

Clean Air Day and Your Home

Healthy Habits for Healthy Homes

Making it easy to Reduce Chemical Exposure

Keeping #theairweshare clean for everyone

Chemicals are all around us: some helpful, some harmful. Childhood exposure to household chemicals can interfere with healthy development and is linked to several chronic diseases. It’s no coincidence that children ARE more vulnerable than adults. 

Limiting exposure to harmful chemicals, toxins, and other environmental hazards can seem challenging. Still, the good news is that simple modifications in our daily lives can improve the air we breathe in our homes. 

Corsi-rosenthal Box

Corsi-rosenthal box fan filters are an affordable short-term solution for creating a clean-air room in your home. These DIY air-cleaning systems are made with simple materials found at any hardware store, at a fraction of the cost of many other air filtration solutions. The box fan pulls air through filters attached to its sides, and blows out clean air. Box fan filters like these can reduce indoor exposure to airborne particles. Check out our DIY video guide, and find the materials you will need to build your own box fan filter here.



Air pollution leads to disease, increased hospitalizations and even premature death.

Common sources of indoor air pollution include

  • Cigarette smoking – no one should smoke indoors.
  • Mould or mildew
  • High humidity
  • Household cleaners
  • Household chemicals
  • Scented products
  • Pesticides
  • Radon gas
  • Wood smoke

A Few More Ideas for Clean Air Day 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Here are a few ideas for Your Activity or Event

We want to help you get your idea’s off the ground. 

If you are stuck on how you can celebrate Clean Air Day, we have you covered.

Promote Engagement

Think about how you can create activities that promote engagement with nature and the air we all share.

Ask yourself if your activity encourages individuals to:

  • Feel connected to their peers, workplace, school, community, or group.
  • Recognize, use, and share their skills and strengths.

Registering your Event

Don’t forget to share your activity by registering with the Clean Air Day Team so that everyone knows about all the amazing things happening in our country!