Clean Air Day Live

When: June 5th, 1 pm Eastern

Where:  Online 

For:  Everyone 

We are proud to present Clean Air Day Live, a fun and interactive learning opportunity for students in grades 1 to 9 across Canada

Join Environment & Climate Change Canada for a live Presentation and Q&A about Climate Change in Canada’s Arctic region, and how it impacts the air we breathe throughout the rest of Canada.

Rain, Snow or Sunshine? Tracking the Weather at Environment Canada

Ever wonder how we track the weather? How do we know when there’s going to be snow, a heatwave, or a thunderstorm? Charlotte, a scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, is here to help show us! Her team is responsible for monitoring the weather all across Canada—from coast to coast. While they do work across the country, a big part of the work focuses specifically on tracking weather over the oceans and in the Canadian High Arctic.

Students will play a crucial role in this event, learning directly from leading climate scientists. Together, we will unravel the complex changes happening to Canada’s climate and explore actionable steps students can take to protect the air we share.