Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) program is sharing the following Publications Plan to inform stakeholders of publications from October to December 2021. Please note that the targeted publication dates are subject to change. The program anticipates sharing the Publications Plan for January to March 2022 by winter 2021.

Environment and Climate Change Canada and Health Canada recognize the impacts faced by Canadians in light of current events and understand the importance of stakeholder engagement. If you anticipate any challenges with providing your comments within the 60-day public comment period, if applicable, please inform the program at the earliest opportunity.

Publications targeted for October to December
Acids & Bases DSAR a
Approach for a Subset of Organic and Inorganic Substances Prioritized under the Chemicals Management Plan b
Flame Retardants DSAR a
Phenol, methylstyrenated DSAR a

a Draft Screening Assessment Reports (DSAR) presenting information on health and ecological considerations and, where criteria under s. 64 are proposed to be met, Risk Management Scope documents.

b Science-based policy approach document.  

Note: Group names are not final and may change

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