In the final podcast of season 1 of the Why Climate Podcast, we talk with Rebekka Schnitter from the Public Health Agency of Canada about what adaptation and Health System Resilience looks like going forward.

Changes in climate are affecting the health of Canadians and their health systems. Recent floods, wildfires, extreme heat events, and severe storms have had impacts on health facilities and disrupted care for those in need. Adaptation measures such as assessments of risks and vulnerabilities, integrated surveillance and warning systems, health professional training, and public education can help prepare Canadians and build the climate resilience of health systems. Well-designed efforts to adapt to climate change impacts and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within and outside of the health sector can result in very large and near-term co-benefits to health. Many health authorities in Canada are increasing adaptation efforts. However, disparities in efforts exist across the country and adaptation needs to be rapidly scaled up to protect health as Canada continues to warm.

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