The evidence is clear: Climate change is a health crisis. Increasing hot days, longer pollen/allergy seasons, and increased severe weather and wildfires all threaten our wellness, safety, and security. RESILIENT is working with nurses in New Brunswick to leverage the opportunity to provide trusted health advice to a variety of New Brunswickers through their trusted health professionals.

In partnership with the Nutsihpiluwewicik (Indigenous Nursing Program at the University of New Brunswick), [Why Climate] incorporates Traditional Knowledge into evidence-based discussions of why the environment is fundamental to human health and critical need to protect it.

The program provides web-based, printable, and video resources for health professionals to enable them to:

-reconnect with nature, and reap the health benefits

-take action on climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

-increase a patient’s/client’s knowledge of the health effects of climate change

Explore our self paced online and printable resources on the [Why Climate] page. Additional resources coming soon!

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