In advance of the 2021 federal budget, RESILIENT has participated in consultation processes both with political and non-political decision makers. Our goal is to see the health of Canadians prioritized in the federal budget and upcoming federal policies and programs, thus reducing the inequities that underlie poor health. The Four Pillars for foundational changes for an inclusive, equitable and resilient Canada that we recommend are:

  • Environmental protection
  • Action on climate change
  • Focus on wellness and illness prevention
  • Reducing economic inequities

RESILIENT submitted comments to the House of Commons Finance Committee in August 2020. Our specific asks included:

  • Implementing universal Pharmacare
  • Strengthening the Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, investing in clean energy, and providing energy efficiency retrofit programs
  • Reviewing and implementing an income support program

We are pleased to see many of our comments represented in the Committee’s recommendations and in the Liberal government’s Fall Economic Statement.

Today we submitted comments to the federal Finance Department, re-iterating what we asked of the finance committee. You can read our submission here.