RESILIENT joins leaders including Environmental Defence, David Suzuki Foundation, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Canadian Environmental Law Association, EcoJustice and others for “Virtual Days on the Hill”. Together with their supporters, the group is calling on federal government to keep its promise to strengthen toxics and pollution law.

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is more than 20 years old. Better protections for human health and the environment have never been more important. In 2017, a House of Commons Standing Committee did an extensive study and recommended 87 changes to CEPA. And in September, government committed to modernizing CEPA in the speech from the throne.

During the “Virtual Days on the Hill,” groups are urging the federal government to implement these recommendations without further delay.

We Need Strong Environmental Regulations

Canadians are exposed to hundreds of chemicals daily in our food, our air and water, in consumer products, and occupational exposures. Chemicals exposure is increasingly linked to the rise of chronic illness in Canada. Vulnerable Canadians are even more at risk.

Biodiversity in Canada is threatened. A healthy biodiverse environment is foundational to the resilient health of Canadians. Pollinators and soil microbiota are essential to our food supply. Wetlands cleanse water. Plants release oxygen. Protection of wild habitats today will increase the resiliency of generations of Canadians to come.

Join us in calling on government to act on these recommendations without further delay.

MPs want to hear from their constituents. Contact your MP to request a phone or video call. Tell them what is important to you, such as:

  • A clean environment, free of toxic chemicals
  • Protecting vulnerable Canadians
  • Up-to-date science used in decision making
  • Protecting biodiversity

And ask your MP to contact the environment minister, Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, urging him to introduce a strong CEPA bill before the end of the year.