What we eat affects our health and wellness. It is important to recognize that just because a food product is on the grocery store shelf does not mean that it is good for you or that you should eat it. Many processed foods contain chemical residues and additives such as artificial flavour and colour. You can make healthier choices by:


  • Cooking at home more often, using whole (non-processed) ingredients
  • Choosing fresh (in season) or frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Rinsing fresh produce before eating or cooking
  • Reading ingredient labels, and avoiding ingredients you can’t pronounce
  • Choosing low mercury fish (Atlantic mackerel, rainbow trout, wild or canned salmon, tilapia, “light” canned tuna)
  • Storing and heating food in ceramic, glass, or stainless steel (avoid plastic)
  • Avoid non-stick cookware especially if cracked or peeling

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