Be a voice for Nature! Get your message on the NatureBus to NatureCOP in Montreal. Tell our
leaders to protect global biodiversity.

Nature Canada’s NatureBus tour is heading to the NatureCOP conference in Montreal. This
In December, officials from 195 countries and the European Union will gather to discuss global
progress on nature protection and come up with a plan to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030.
The NatureBus will be making stops all over the country to collect your messages of support for
a plan to restore nature. On December 6, they’ll deliver the messages to the Prime Minister at
the NatureCOP conference in Montreal.

Come meet the NatureBus today and deliver your letter in person! Send your
message of hope for Nature to NatureCOP.

Your message of hope will be featured in our NatureCOP installation: “Letters of Hope –
Canadians’ support and wishes for a nature-positive world” to showcase Canadians’ support
and urge Canadian leadership to ensure successful NatureCOP outcomes.

If you can’t make it to the bus, send a digital message to make sure your voice is heard by world
leaders at NatureCOP!

You can DOWNLOAD all the resources below as well!

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