Updated pre-budget consultation

Feb 25, 2022

RESILIENT has submitted a pre-budget consultation brief to the Federal Department of Finance with our recommendations for Canada to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic healthier and more resilient.

“Human Health, the economy, and our environment are inextricably linked”

This process echoes submissions to the Federal Finance Committee made in August 2021. Our recommendations continue to centre on:

  • Taking strong action on climate change by diverting fossil fuel subsidies into the green economy and a just transition for the fossil fuel workforce, and accelerating the adoption of low carbon commuting
  • Preventing climate change mitigation from increasing air pollution by including radon mitigation in energy efficiency rebates and mandating a reduction in wood smoke pollution
  • Launching a national pharmacare system
  • Modernizing the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) in line with current science
  • Implementing a recovery basic income

We are encouraged that Bill C-28 (and Act to Modernize CEPA) that was introduced in April 2021 we re-instated in the Senate as Bill S-5 in the current session of Parliament. We urge that modernization to CEPA go forward without delay.

To read our full written submission for the pre-budget consultations click here

To read 2021 written submission for the pre-budget consultations click here